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What is a Coach?

Guide to Inner Peace

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  • A committed Champion for your professional and personal development.

  • A Creative Partner in finding your best solutions, choices, and ideas.

  • A Gold Miner for your unique gifts, strengths, talents, and passions.

  • A Pathfinder during transitions and changes, helping you to discover and reveal unimagined possibilities.

  • A confidential Sounding Board for exploring new concepts, processes, and projects.

  • A Clarifier for helping you with what’s most important by asking questions, reflecting, and reframing for clear understanding.

  • A Facilitator for identifying and unifying your values, inspiring your future vision and purpose. 

  • A Resource Provider for pertinent information, reading, and references to help you deepen your learning.

  • A Process Manager providing skills, tools, and structures to assist with anchoring, accountability, and taking action to accelerate your progress. 

  • A Co-Designer helping to createa respectful, open, collaborative, safe, and expansive bridge of support and a connection to new territories.

Why Does Coaching Help?

The coaching process helps because it is an integrative and powerful experience, resulting in accelerated changes that happen from the inside out – step by step.  You are led to go deeper with learning, take action, and move forward for ideal outcomes.

The coaching experience:

  • Increases awareness and confidence in all situations
  • Promotes conscious choices in alignment with core values
  • Resolves conflicts within yourself and with others
  • Reduces stress, worry, and struggle and improves your state of being
  • Provides stability and support through big transitions
  • Increases vision, creativity, and imagination
  • Cultivates the ultimate for life and business

Coaching provides a learning environment that honors each individual as whole, creative, and resourceful.  It focuses on the present situation and what wants to happen for the future.
Having a coach can be a fun and productive way to improve your day-to-day experiences and achieve goals - whether large or small.  The coaching relationship is designed to bring out your best – let coaching reveal your natural brilliance, the world needs you at your best!